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Manufacture and sale of the worldfs first gall-fluorine resin filterh
Starting with a successful joint development project with a filter manufacturer in 1983, we have been making great contributions to the improvement of quality control of the semiconductor industry.
With a long and rich experience, and deep knowledge, of the impurity reduction, we succeeded in producing the high purity EL Grade parts (organic/inorganic) in addition to a wide range of filters, and have been supplying them to semiconductor manufacturers, and manufacturers of other electronic materials. The Electronic material division has expanded its scope of business in accordance with the development of semiconductor industry. Today, the range of our business is extremely wide; we supply silicon wafers, resin, and other essential materials, to the semiconductor production, in addition to the chemical solution supply system and diverse cleaning apparatus. Our operation is designed to provide appropriate services to meet the needs of our clients both in Japan and overseas, including the coordination of clean room and research facility, or the cleansing quality control.

There is an increasingly greater demand for the gGreen Environmenth project which our division has been promoting. The demand is not limited to the IT industry alone, but is found also in pharmaceutical and food industries. The particle counter for air and liquid, and the instruments related to the clean room, are widely used beyond the range of electronic material, as the standard device for the quality control in many fields. Furthermore, we have been energetically promoting gGreen procurementh by offering our clients the environmental-friendly products and cleansing system without the use of harmful chemicals, where the waste liquid is greatly reduced.

*We provide all kinds of services to our clients, in supplying equipment and installation of systems, including manufacturing of products particularly suited to their individual needs, or the recommendation of the cleansing system with reduced waste liquid.

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