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Iwata Co., Ltd. founded the affiliate company, Auto Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in 1965. With the introduction of advanced technology from USA, it succeeded in manufacturing the liquid urethane sealant gAuton Sealerh which attracted a great attention as it was highly suitable to the Japanese climate. Even today, where the elastomeric sealants are the mainstream in the industry, Autonfs products are widely used for all types of construction sites, from those of gigantic skyscrapers to private homes. Auton Division was promoted to an independent division from being a part of the Building Material Division, for the purpose of carrying out PR and sales activity for the products of Auto Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Beside the main products gAuton Brandh sealants and adhesives, the division deals in products for waterproofing buildings, including masking tapes, waterproofing tapes, glass mats, and shingles to meet the needs of our clients.

|Collaboration with manufacturer & thorough follow-up service|
gCollaboration with manufacturer & thorough follow-up serviceh is the philosophy of the Auton Division. Under this banner, the division works closely with Auto Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the one component polyurethane sealant gAuton seriesh and adhesives. The close collaboration with the manufacturer makes it possible for the division to provide thorough services to satisfy the needs of its clients regarding innovative products. The consideration for environment-related problems has become increasingly important in recent years. The division focuses its energy on measures for these problems and works actively regarding asbestos-related problems and V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) induced sick house syndrome. The urethane products handled by Iwata are widely praised in the construction industry for their high margin of safety and environmental compatibility. We pledge to continue the development of genvironmental-friendlyh sealants and adhesives in collaboration with Auto Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., to contribute to the further prosperity of the construction industry.