Plastics & Packaging Division



Quality to meet customer needs

Food packaging films and trays to deliver “safe” and “delicious”.
Automotive parts that make “safe” and “comfortable” the ride. Fluorine resin etc. used for "most advanced" medical devices. IWATA handle various resins and rubbers around us and work to meet the needs of our customers with the unique.
As a unique trading company, in the field of food packaging, raw resin into a sheet, sheet processed into a food tray, we build supply chains that supply from raw materials to products with our partner companies.
In the industrial field, we have been working with manufacturers to develop key component materials for hydraulic equipment, and It has supported hydraulic equipment as an important material even after 20 years of adoption. A wide range of collaborations with chemical manufacturers is also a strength. We are contributing to new product development with various additives that produce high-performance products as well as raw materials.
“Innovative idea” is also the attraction of IWATA. We perform product planning and material design, and deliver from optimal raw materials to products to customers.
 And we are also working on the expansion of “what IWATA can do” to the world.
We are aiming to be a partner who contributes to the future, proud of “our products support fulfilling life”.


Main products


General-purpose plastics

Different kinds of polyethylene (high- density~ low density' linear low-density, metallocene linear low-density, Ultrahigh molecular weight), polypropylene, special ethylene copolymer,PS, PVC, PET、ABS、PS、Phenolic resin etc

Elastomer Olefin-based elastomer, styrene-based elastomer, vinyl chloride based elastomer, urethane-based elastomer, silicon-based elastomer, etc
Synthetic rubber Fluororubber (FFKM,FEPM), fluororubber compound, other rubber compounds
Fluorine-based resins ETFE (standard, low-melting point, adhesive), PTFE , PFA, FEP,
Engineering plastics Thermoplastic polyimide, polyimide, modified polyamide, PEEK, PPS, PBT, PES, PBl, POM
High-functional resins ABS, phenol resin, thermal conductive PP, sliding elastomer, resin compounds, etc.

Film, sheet, container etc

Films and sheets for packaging materials

Various films such as OPP, CPP, LLDPE, nylon and PET, shrink films, masking film, stretch film, OPS, HIPS, A-PET, PP, PP filler, PVC sheets, conductive sheets

Molded synthetic resin articles Food trays, part trays, containers
Materials (plates, rods, etc.)

Functional additives, Functional chemicals etc

Functional additives

Fatty acid sodium
Various resin and rubber fillers, additives (flame retardants, coupling agents, etc.)
Various ionic liquids

Functional chemicals

Special adhesive primers, primers for hard-to-bond olefin 
Yellowing- resistant urethane binders Defoamer Release agent etc



Manufacturing- specials coating, compounds, resin pulverization, classification