Advanced Materials Division



Growth with Japan's semiconductor industry

The Advanced Materials Division has expanded business with the development of the electronic materials, semiconductor industry and the ICT industry and has developed business in Japan and overseas. We meet all of our customers' needs, such as silicon wafers, resists, EL chemicals, fluorine-based materials, various filters, measuring instruments and cleaning equipment, which essential for the semiconductor industry. It is IWATA's development capability that launched the world's first all-fluorine filter with the manufacturer. 
The know-how to control "clean" and "pure" that has been cultivated for many years in the electronics and semiconductor industry, not just one example. Taking advantage of our strengths, challenging new fields and achieving results in advanced medical and food fields were demands for safety and security are increasing. “Connecting seeds and needs” We are not a manufacturer, but we are able to do things as an independent trading company. Free ideas, extensive business partners, industry knowledge and experience of many years have created new products and demands. We create "unprecedented" with customers and deliver it from Japan to the world and from the world to Japan.

Main products


Electronic-grade (EL) chemicals


Inorganic EL chemicals

  Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, various mixed acids, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid, hydrogen fluoride, buffered fluorinated acid (BHF) cleaners.

Organic EL chemicals

  Various developers, various release agents, cleaners, various surfactants, various organic solvents (IPA, NMP, GBL, EC, EO type PO type 他)

Various resistive materials

  G line, i special resistive
KrF, resistive for ArF , antireflective coating others

High performance cleaner

  Post CMP cleaner, RCA alternative cleaner

Ionic liquid

  I pyridinium series, imidazolium series, alicyclic amine type, aliphatic amine type

Washing soap


Fluorine system (HFO type) washing soap, CMP after cleaning agent solution, other