Company history沿革・歴史

1902 History Established "Iwata Yashichi Shoten" in Nagoya.
1947 Reorganized and renamed into IWATA & Co., Ltd. (Capital: 3,000,000)
Established the head office in Tokyo and changed the Nagoya office to a branch.
1951 Established Osaka Branch.
1953 Separated the fertilizer and feed sales department to establish IWATA SANGYO CO., LTD.
1965 Separated the insulating varnish production department to establish AUTO CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO. LTD
1968 Relocated the head office Nagoya, changed the Tokyo office to a branch, and established Hamamatsu Sales Office.
1971 Separated the transport department to establish AUTO UNYU SOUKO CORPORATION.
1973 Established Fukuoka Sales Office, followed by 15 other sales offices one after another throughout the country.
1988 Relocated and promoted Hamamatsu Sales Office to a branch.
1992 Established the Komaki Distribution Center.
1997 <50th anniversary of incorporation.>
1998 Established JUJI FIELD INC., a sales company of bio-related materials and laboratory instruments.
2002 <100th anniversary of the start of business>
2003 Obtained the ISO 14001 certification.
2008 Published the company history "100 years of Iwata Shokai".
2014 Relocated Tokyo Branch from Minato ward to Chuo Ward, Tokyo.
2016 Acquired the stocks of TOSC JAPAN LTD.
2017 Established a local corporation in Thailand.
2018 Relocated Osaka Branch from Kita ward to Chuo Ward, Osaka.
TOSC JAPAN LTD. Merged with JUJI FIELD INC, to newly establish TOSC JAPAN LTD.
2019 Established a new company "Seibu Co., Ltd."
2020 Acquired the stocks of Ogura Sundine Co.,Ltd.