Chemical division



Chemicals that are the basis of the company

About 100 years ago, the founder loaded the “straw ash” on the wagon and carried to the dying plant. 
Not only goods were loaded in the wagon, but the quality to make the customer happy, information, proposals, etc. lots of material and thoughts were also loaded and delivered with heart. Things surround modern life. Most of them, generated by the ancestor and have changed people's lives more convenient, safe and rich. The core principle of our business is “connect”, supply and deliver raw material for those products to the factories. We express our “pride” with confidence that “the unexposed and invisible, but we support behind the scenes”. There is the possibility for generating absolute new business and product, depending upon your inspiration or idea. Like a chemical reaction. That is the interesting fact of the “Chemicals division.”

In the flow of a rapidly changing world or information era, recognize and create something according to customer`s need and hope to submit a contribution to the world. We will “create” the future with chemistry.


Main products

Basic Chemical Products

Soda Industrial Products  Caustic soda, flake soda, soda ash, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulfite, sodium silicate, calcium chloride, baking soda, etc.
Acid Products Sulfuric acid, refined sulfuric acid, acetic acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen fluoride, oxalic acid, etc.
Ammonia products Ammonia water, nitric acid, nitrates, ammonia chloride, urea, etc.
Others Hydrogen peroxide, calcium compounds, potassium compounds, chromium compounds, colloidal silica, borax, manganese compounds, halogen compounds, etc.


  IPA, methanol, acetone, toluene, N-butanol, ethyl acetate, MEK, phenol, next-generation fluorine-based solvents, etc.

Plating Chemicals

  Copper compounds, nickel compounds, polishing agents, satin liquids, etc.

Drainage treatment chemicals

  Polymer coagulants, PAC, aluminum sulfate, activated carbon, etc.

Food additives

  L-cysteine hydrolyzed vegetable protein, cyclodextrin, enzymes, etc.

Fine chemicals

Ionic liquids Pyridinium-based, imidazolium-based, alicyclic amine-based, aliphatic amine-based
Fluorine-related products PTFE, PFA, PEF, ETFE, flurorubber, low-melting point fluororesins, antifouling agent, etc.
Silicone product Coupling agents, oil, defoaming agents, mold-releasing agents, etc.

Contracted manufacturing

  Urethane polymerization, emulsion, blinding, pulverization, spray drying, classification, subdivision, etc.


  Urethane raw materials, urethane products, hot-melt products, acryl products, adhesive agents, hydrophilic agents, water-/oil-repellent coating agents, mildew-proofing agents, high refractive agents, reagents, etc.