Declaration of SDGs



IWATA's original work was ashes of straw. In the early 1900s, the textile industry was flourishing in Nagoya. Straw ashes were used for dyeing, so the founder members of IWATA carried the ashes in a rear car and sold them. For more than 100 years, we have been involved in the chemical industry and have been committed to ecology.  Since our founding, we have supported society by providing a wide range of chemical products. Chemicals are sometimes perceived as harmful, but when used properly they can enrich people's lives. They can create a sustainable global environment and future for humanity.
We are working on the 17 goals of the SDGs through our daily activities. For example, providing products that bring comfort to our lives, safe chemical products, recycling, proper disposal of waste, and developing new products for the global environment.  The core business of IWATA was, and still is, chemistry. We will continue to use the power of chemistry to contribute to the happiness and future of all people living on our planet.


IWATA Sustainability Project ーOur initiatives for SDGsー


2020 IWATA SDGs Report