Recruitment information採用情報

Aggressive challenge spirit to challenge unknown possibilities. We are looking for an active and positive talent who wants to be rewarded for their work.
A person who can always look at what is the most important thing without being overwhelmed by small mistakes. No matter your school or previous job. We focus on your “possibility” and positive “will”. If you keep your will, you will surely find a field where you can demonstrate your ability. We are also open to mid-career employees. From a corporate culture that values each person's potential, this is a workplace where the retention rate is good and few people quit.

We are not currently recruiting.


Position Sales, general affairs, accounting, sales office work, planning management, etc.
Business description Sales of industrial chemicals, paints, dyes, pigments and various chemical products
Sales of advanced material equipment
Sales of life science-related products
Design, construction and sales of building materials and incidental facilities
Import / export business of the above products, etc.
Work location
Headquarters 1-2-11 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya IWATA Building
Branch / Sales Office Tokyo Branch Sapporo Sales Office Sendai Sales Office Tsuruoka Sales Office
Nagoya Branch Hamamatsu Branch Komatsu Sales Office
Osaka Branch Shiga Sales Office Fukuoka Sales Office

Employment data

Working hours
  • 9:00 to 18:00 (lunch break 1 hour, actual work 8 hours)
  • Full week holiday 2 days system, annual holiday 120 days
  • Summer vacation Annual paid leave, ceremonial leave, etc.
  • University graduate starting salary 210,000 yen
    (Does not include fixed pay and various benefits)
  • Twice a year (summer bonus, winter bonus)
  • Past performance Basic salary for 4.5 months / year
  • April every year
  • Various insurance (health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, workmen's accident insurance)
  • Club (golf, baseball, futsal)
  • Reservation assistance for social gatherings
  • Employee stock ownership (with company assistance)
  • Long-term service commendation
  • Health management (regular health check)
  • Housing assistance
  • Outside training encouragement assistance
  • In-house education system (training, seminar)