Auton Division



Product development as a manufacturer

“Challenge” “Creation” “Innovation” three spirits have been handed down since IWATA of commerce founded.
The enthusiasm of one employee who was inspired by the words “Make it and try it” began making things, and in 1965 “Auto Chemical Industry” was born.
The company, which started from the production of organic synthetic chemicals and electrical insulating paints, repeated “Challenge” “Creation” “Innovation”, started production and sales of one-component polyurethane sealants since 1977. The world's best sealant "Auton" series was born from the knowledge of industrial products that IWATA has cultivated since the establishment of Iwara in the Meiji period and the advanced polyurethane synthesis technology of Auto Chemicals.
The top class adoption rate of sealant for houses. Auton Division is an Auto chemical`s product that has grown as a pioneer in one-component polyurethane to prevent buildings and your loved ones around the country.
"Product development as a manufacturer" This is the biggest attraction of Auton Division. We will formulate customer needs by utilizing our excellent R & D and IWATA's information gathering and planning capabilities. Auton contribution to the development of the Japanese housing industry for half a century and will continue to quick recognization the needs of our customers and continue to grow as a global brand that spread around the world.


Main products

Sealant, Waterproof material, adhesive


Sealant of Auto Chemical Industry for construction has a high share in the domestic market. Beginning with “High durability sealant”, we propose the products that meet diversifying needs.。



The most suitable function adhesive for floor heater construction, high-strength model polyurethane adhesive support the back-face junction that needs strength, the elasticity of the fast-qure type, high-strength adhesive, etc. to consider the environment, producing various applications purpose adhesives.


Waterproofing materials

We deal with Ena Guard, waterproofing material for a flat surface and UREAX, coating material which contain paint and waterproofing function. Also, with the adoption of the new container in the industry, we suggest a new renovation method.


Exterior building materials related

Single roofing materials

Unique two-layer structure and gradation of random granular colored stone give a deep expression of the roof. Weight is about 1/4 of tile, about 1/2 of decoration slate and excellent in earthquake resistance because of the lightweight. Also, excellent roof material for waterproof, wind resistance and impact resistance performance.


Masking tape

Easy to cut by hand, fine line, excellent for corner folding, strong adhesion on edge joints and rough surface, remain stock in summer or adhesive mark on the cement board. Also, the possibility of a reapply, easy to spread, etc. can select from a range of product with different characteristic.。

Masking tape for sealant 
Single-sided tape 
Architectural masking tape

Waterproofing tape 

Toluene, xylene and Plasticizer free adhesive, environment-friendly, maintain summer, winter and strong adhesive on a rough surface. It is thin and durable, can repeatedly apply, excellent workability without sticking to hands. Adhere strongly in Moisture-permeable sheet, airtight film and heat insulation.


Backup material

Excellent chemical resistant, lightweight, flexible, resilience and elasticity. Sealant for joints, 3-sided adhesive avoidance seal for edges, depth filling adjustment, for formation purpose of joint`s bottom, the second property of sealing to edge bottom. It is widely used as a backup material optimized for elastic sealants for building and civil engineering.