Building Materials Division



For the next generation.

The work we have been involved with will continue to remain as "LEGACY" for decades. The work of architecture is full of such worthwhile.
As an expert in building materials, we always think about the “next generation.”
For example, A new idea awning that relieves the heat of midsummer with the coolness of the shade provides a place for children to relax. The industry's first odorless organic solvent "zero" adhesive protects health and maintain a comfortable living environment. IWATA's infinite ideas are, not only the performance and cost of materials but also considered environmental impact and suggested to people's lives."Provide the best products. If there is no optimum, make it. " In this spirit, we aim to be the only one in the building industry.
Our field is not confined in the frame of building material trading company.
Sometimes, the actual voice of the site obtained by engaging in construction.
As a chemical specialty trading company, an extensive network of manufacturers and customers that have long been involved in the industry from raw materials to products. These are the source of IWATA's infinite ideas.

We will continue to create “LEGACY” for the “next generation.”


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