As an employee of IWATA, we are focusing on welfare programs to support a fulfilling work and a comfortable life. Various systems have been enhanced to ensure that employees and their families can live a healthy life with peace of mind. Various systems and social insurance (Employees Pension Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, etc.) are in place. In addition, you can use the contract facilities (hotels, inns, restaurants, educational institutions, sports facilities, childcare facilities, etc.) of Benefit One Co., Ltd. at any time.

Social insurance
Various systems
Corporate pension, individual funded pension, borrowed company housing, rental housing assistance, employee shareholding association, employee social gathering (Kaneikai), property savings (with subsidy system), various group insurance (life insurance / nonlife insurance), continuous employment system, etc.
Maternity leave Maternity leave (6 weeks before childbirth, 8 weeks after childbirth)
Childcare leave Childcare leave (up to 2 years), return to work program
Nursing care leave Nursing care leave (up to 93 days)
Resort facilities "Benefit Station" contract facility
Insurance organization Tokyo Pharmaceutical Industry Health Insurance Society, Nagoya Pharmaceutical Industry Health Insurance Society, Osaka Pharmaceutical Industry Health Insurance Society, designated clinic