We will create progressive“Time and effort.”
IWATA original

The joy said to be good for IWATA

If you leave it to IWATA,
Provide the best products with peace of mind,
and suggest an easy-to-use style with new ideas that suit every need.

It is our greatest pleasure to be said like this by our customers.
Of course with the quality of the product,
We respond quickly to the customers' requests for “need something like this.”
It was good to select IWATA, want to work together for a long time;
We carefully consider the thought of suggestion power and integrity.

The chemical industry, which supports all bases of life all over the world,
while being invisible at a glance, supports the future,
this field has unlimited possibilities to pioneer.
"Responsible for the future Earth," developing together while sharing
with clients and employees to the founding spirit of IWATA,
we always wish to be a partner to implementation new dreams.