Employee interview



The atmosphere where you can talk freely with your seniors is helpful to polish yourself.

1 I am from a science university, and I have been in Japan for eight years.
After graduating from a university in China, I came to Japan and studied at a Japanese language school, then went to an English vocational school, and then done masters from science university in Japan.I learned about chemistry at university, but when I entered the company, I was able to learn about how chemicals are used in the world like using caustic soda for paper, I learned a lot. The atmosphere of the company is an environment where you can feel at home and feel free to discuss with your senior. I think the company that values thinking and action.
Also, I believe that the idea of ​​finishing the work of the day by the scheduled time is perfect. Without working overtime until late, there are opportunities for the invitation of meal from seniors. At that time, I have the opportunity to get to know the talk of my work and things I cannot usually hear, I learn a lot about Japan, so I am happy to participate.

2 I was able to know various industries through sales. When I want to challenge a new job, when I have trouble, my seniors and my co-workers are all in consultation, and I enjoy my work every day.

3 The concept of things has changed since I joined the company. Specifically, Instead of one solution to one problem, it is now possible to think of various solutions. For example, earlier, I was able to present only one answer to the client's inquiry, but it is often asked if there is something else. Recently, I prepare several answers in advance and give suggestions to match the customer's request.

I will use my language skills to challenge Asian branches in the future.

4 After all, there are differences between Chinese and Japanese cultures and customs, and it may be confusing or unknown even after eight years in Japan. However, taking advantage of the differences between cultures, such as making it easy for customers to remember a face, and making Chinese information on topics, etc., to be able to benefit from cultural differences, taking advantage of the excellent side, takes new things positively as a chance to know new things that I do not know.

5 Because there are still business opportunities in the Chinese market, so when searching regarding customers queries about various things, it becomes study itself. I want to work on my language skills and increase connection with foreign countries in the future. Also, not only imports of low-cost raw material from overseas, I want to increase sales of the high-value Japanese products abroad. For that purpose, I am studying gradually the duties and laws concerning trade. I want to build up my experience and hope to make my career into branch offices in Asia in the future.  

6 The company has a good welfare program. We travel abroad once in two years. It's also an excellent opportunity to get together with colleagues of other departments with whom do not usually have a chance to talk. It's also a chance to use English there, so it's a fun event.