Employee interview



My belief is to deal with everything in good faith

1 It has been two years since I joined the company, but I think it is a very easy-to-work company. Without senior, junior behavior between staff, the company has a friendly atmosphere. At the welcome party after the joining company, I felt the distance getting closer soon with seniors. Also, Because there are more holidays and less overtime work, I think it is a very comfortable environment from the viewpoint of work-life balance.

2 Because I work in the resin division, We operate in a wide variety of fields, such as food-related and automotive parts. The thing which separates us is “respond with sincerity.” Due to the nature of the sales, exchange information in the relationship with various customers and clients, but we still need to be recognized as a single person. I think that dealing with sincerity is the basis of my work, so I would like to continue it in the future. As a salesperson, I would like to extend the business of rubber products of automobile parts.

As a salesman, I want to build my proficiency with my thoughts

3 After joining the company, I feel that the ability to organize information and communicate with others has grown. Last year, as a new employee, there were a lot of situations in which “ get someone to teach me something” even the inside and outside of the company. At that time, If I do not convey clearly and simply to next person that “what I do not know, what is trouble,” it will be rude, and the situation will not be improved. As I worked with such mindset every day, I had gained the ability to convey my situation to next person in an easy-to-understand manner. However, there are still missing parts; I want to make more efforts in the future.

4 Since I joined the company, I have not enough knowledge and ability yet. However, it does not matter to the customer, whether I am a newcomer or a veteran. It must be challenging to work in such a situation, and it can be a failure. At such time, we proceed to work and consult with people around us without being embarrassed. When I consult, I do not just listen but also keep in mind that I have my own opinions and ideas, and have a strong feeling that I do not repeat the same mistakes, I work on self-nourishment.

5 First of all, I think that the top priority is to work on the task in front of you with all your efforts and to strengthen self strength as a salesperson. There are still many passive jobs, but I want to work hard to create my job.

6 The company provides abroad tour once in two years, and I am excited to participate first time this year. Since I have never been abroad, it tremendously motivates me to have this experience at work.。