Employee interview



Experience of marriage and childbirth, the positive company for women's career up.

1 Its 12th year of joining the company, during this period, I experienced giving birth to two children, because of easy to work environment I took maternity live and restart work smoothly again. Honestly, It was uneasy about the return after the blank period, but I am thankful for Welcome warmly by the same member. It is perfect to be able to continue working for a long time after marriage and childbirth because the system is organized for such office ladies.
In addition, because there is a "Business Improvement Proposal System" there can personally submit personal opinions such as "I want more in this way" and "if you make such improvements," Happy to have a chance to hear my opinion. I like the company culture that respects employees in a whole calm atmosphere. It is relatively easy to get paid leave, and it is helpful to have a half day leave system for school events of children on weekdays.

2 Like my work, built a steady relationship of trust with our business partners, and earn the trust of others and relates self-confidence. Also, follow, and encouragement from surrounding people is the motivation of every day.

What I learned from parenting also exist in work.

3 When I joined the company, a senior entered maternity leave just after two weeks, and I still had a fear of the phone, but it gradually disappeared, and I came to be able to face with confidence. After giving birth, I often learn from my children, and I feel that my parenting experience has also led to my growth in work. I do not get bothered by little things, see things calmly and judge.

4 When I am busy asked to do a quick job, I accept that as it is without segregation. At that time, I work hard to devise how to respond to the other person when asked, and how to communicate so that I can proceed smoothly while considering the priority. At that time, considering the priority, proceed to work smoothly, and how to respond to the other person when asked Or strive to devise ways to communicate.
It is nice to have an environment where can consultations with trusted seniors or colleagues when getting stuck. Also, I try to give back at my work without forgetting the support of staff when leaving early or sudden leave due to the poor physical condition of children,

5 From now on, I want to make various proposals to improve the efficiency of work without being satisfied with the current situation. I want to be able to use my own experience to give advice and mental support to female employees so that junior she can work even after marriage and childbirth. Even female employees have different jobs in each department, what are they doing in sales and other departments, with exchanging such information I want to level up. I look forward to more female employees in the future.