Employee interview



IWATA is a company that considers employees and their families.

1 I studied Japanese at a Japanese language school in India and experienced interpreting work at a Japanese company in India, but I wanted to study Japanese more and came to Japan and studied Japanese and Japanese business.
I have been in IWATA for half a year. I realized that IWATA is a company that considers employees and they're with the growth of the company. 
The common thing between Japan and India is peace-oriented and give importance to person to person relationship. The difference is that everything is well managed in Japan, and there are many things to learn, such as quietness on the train and good manners in public places.

2 Currently, I am working in the Corporate Planning Office International group. The aim is to make IWATA multinational company, and to expand its market, especially in India. In the business world, Japanese business culture may differ from other countries. There, with knowledge of Japanese customs, I want to e a bridge to foreign countries, especially the Indian market, to communicate well both side.

3 When I joined this company, I realized one important thing. That you should have a concrete “Vision” in your life, it was a massive change in my life. The IWATA has a variety of business strategies in mind for decades to come. I reconfirmed such prospects for the future, in other words, the way of thinking based on time, and the sense of values.

Learn about differences in customs and make strong business relationships with overseas companies

4 As a foreign employee of IWATA there are many things to learn about Japanese business culture. There are differences in customs, and there are many situations where it is difficult to understand the common sense in Japanese business, but it is accepted and tolerated by the warm and sincere attitude of the seniors and taught. I want to learn various things as soon as possible and do my best to be useful.

5 Japan is a country of technology and quality, and India has vast markets and business opportunities. My goal is to bring the strengths and ideas of the two countries into line and build a stronger business relationship. By bringing the products that IWATA Shokai handles to some of India's broad markets, IWATA will place the products in the big market in India and want to expand the market of our clients.

6 To work with a newcomer is to work with new ideas. For those who believe in the power of youth and want to challenge, you are welcome to join this company.