Employee interview



The charm of the atmosphere is “ work with fun, no matter how busy you are.”

1 I changed job from a company in the same industry, and this is my fourth year.
I joined IWATA hoping to make further steps by taking advantage of my previous experience. The first thing I realized after joining the company was a good relationship between employees, a good place to proceeding work with teamwork, and cooperation of each other. Above all, I like the atmosphere of fun at work, no matter how busy you are. After work, my boss and members of other departments invited to drink, so it is easy to communicate.
I want to talk to the juniors as I had with the seniors and try to keep good communication.

2 The Auton Division is a building-related department, but we respond to various requests at the construction site or receive consultation from customers who have trouble with something. When we respond quickly from our daily experiences, it feels enriching to hear from customers saying, "Thank you, it was a great help."

3 Since I am in charge of a region with high sales even in the division, I have been regularly exchanging information with many customers. As a result, I realize that the knowledge of the industry has increased without knowing it. Also, having a lot of information enabled me to speak actively at the meeting place.

Not just a phone call, it is essential to meet directly.

4 It is tuff time when a product failure or trouble occurs. At that time, take the position of the customer and apologize carefully. And do not finish by only phone call, check the site immediately, meet directly, and take action to investigate the cause of the failure.

5 We will launch a new product Smart WJ for buildings of Auto Chemical Industry in the future, but we would like to strive to be able to expand sales by disseminating the skills we have cultivated in previous jobs and customer information. Since I transferred to the Osaka branch office from the new fiscal year, I would like to actively work on anything in a new environment and a new mood. I live alone in Osaka. I spend more time alone, so I would like to take advantage of the fact that I was doing Ekiden during university days to make running a daily routine and to try various challenges such as physical fitness and qualifications.