Employee interview



A sense of responsibility and satisfaction in dealing with products that are essential to the operation of the plant.

1 I'm from Tokyo, but I'm working in the Nagoya head office soon after joining the company, and it's my seventh year. At the time of entering the company, I was a little nervous and had no idea of the area, but in the free environment, I consult with seniors and bosses as well as other departments which was extremely helpful. Overall, As I think that this is a company with an excellent balanced work-life and easy to work environment. It's easy to return home on time, and feel that the corporate culture of finishing work by the time is right. Regarding the sales side, I think that the distinctive feature is that the division that sells the products of affiliated companies and the division that does business are Broadly divided into two sides.

2 Immediately after joining the company, I was assigned to the Chemicals Division. Many general-purpose products are being traded, but they will be indispensable to the operation of the plant, So it's a responsible job, and I'm working with my rewards.

3 After entering the company, I concept about things has grown up the most. In school period, most of the time I just had to work on what was decided, but in current work, there are no manuals, and there are many things that I have to think and work on my various assumptions. For example, while you are in Aichi Prefecture, you are the supplier of automobile manufacturers, but while handling chemicals such as sulfuric acid and caustic soda, you will need a particular vehicle to carry it. As the number of selected vehicles is limited, we learned the importance of preparing for an early start so as not to bother customers, such as arranging in advance when there are crowded. When I joined the company, I was not able to move actively, but I have grown up to be able to follow up and instruct the juniors, not only what I should do myself.

Daily communication with customers is key

4 If you are doing business, you may experience more or less trouble or unexpected events. In some cases, the customer's request can not be answered physically and as a trading company, cases where the wishes of the manufacturer and the user do not match. It is challenging to make these arrangements, but by keeping me intimate communication regularly, I work to share the circumstances of the two sides and try to meet each other's hopes.

5 Nagoya is also the birthplace of Iwata and I feel that many companies can recognize. For that reason, I think it is easy to do business. On the other hand, when I went out of Nagoya, I often started from where I got to know my name from Aichi, and I felt that it was worthwhile. I want to take on the challenge of making use of my existing knowledge and developing business locations from here to other areas. Someday I want to challenge new customers in Tokyo, where from I am.

6 I think the students doing job hunting are hard, but I think the same sales will be completely different depending on the company. I understand that you are busy in graduation research, etc., please obtain information firmly before joining the company, think about how you want to work, and conduct corporate research.